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360buy Jingdong Mall Mr. Qiangdong Liu
360buy Jingdong Mall was established by Mr. Qiangdong Liu at the beginning of 2004.
Qiangdong Liu, nickname is "Lao Liu". He graduated from the department of sociology at Renmin University of China in 1996. Although his major is liberal arts when he was studying in the university, he loved computer programming and spent most of his spare time in learning computer programming. He developed several programs by himself and earned his first pot of gold, which helped him to open his own future business.
Because he wanted to learn some advanced management skills and accumulate more experiences, therefore, he chose to work in a foreign company for 2 years after he graduated from university.
"Lao Liu" quit his superior job in 1998, and then opened his own business in Zhong Guancun, his company acted as a selling agent of magneto-optical product. After three years, the sales volume of the products they were selling has been ranked No. 1 in China.
Because of SARS, "Lao Liu" was forced to close all of his shops and changed his business model from traditional to E-business in 2003. And he led a group of IT people to develop an information system.
2007 is a harvest year for Jingdong Mall: Jingdong successfully attracted 10 million USD foreign investments and its sales volume has increased from tens of million RMB to hundreds of million RMB; and built good reputation and got many attentions from customers and E-business partners. As a business founder, "Lao Liu" was awarded with lots of great prizes from "IT Conferences", "China Information Industry Economical Annual Conference", and "China Talented IT sales" and so on.
Qiangdong Liu is a person who has full of beliefs on the way of founding his business, and his life principle is taking every step carefully. We believe that Jingdong will become into a 100 billions large-scale, professional 3C online shopping platform.
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